To touch the wings of an angel

I have been swept away, swallowed whole

Consumed, obsessed

Deranged, half mad

Hands clutched in the air

Nails punctured my skin

As my hands came back empty

Warm, red liquid

The elixir of life

Slid trough my silky skin

Defiling my purity

Self loathing


Lack of dignity

Wounds me

Bleed, bleed for me?

Clenched hands raised

Fighting off disturbing memories

Holding off unwanted dreams

Closed my eyes against reality

Denial in immortality

See my eyes

They flash before you

As life flashes through my eyes

Wings, my wings

Clipped, tied, chained

Your hands, your claws, clung

Devious mind, cunning heart

Held fast, held strong

So weak

So weak