There is no exact definition,

that could ever describe the word "Comrade."

It can not be explained,

only to be proved by actions.

My comrade has said:

"Everything bad happens to you."

But if there were to be true,

I would not have a Comrade like you.

To say that that is true,

is the same to say,

flowers are always blue.

But the fact remains,

there's lessons to be learned.

Tell someone you love them,

before it's all too late.

Be with them all you can,

before they're taken by fate.

And to say:

"Everything bad happens to you,"

is untrue.

If it were to prove true,

As a Comrade, I would not have you.

This is a dedication to my long-time Comrade, you know who you are. =)

August 15th, 2003