Again. She steadies m e. She steadies my world. When my world felt cold and when it was falling apart, I only need to see her, hear her, fell her to set everything right again. And when I see her smile at me, the world perfected itself.

When my life confuses me, when my feelings overwhelmed me, I just need to be with her to make it right again, to make it...better. When she touches me, she surrounds me and my world centers on her, on the feel of her as she blocks the outside world. When she is with me, all there was , all there is, is her and her love for me.

She takes care of me, the way that only she could. She..she could make the heaviest burden go away, even those I never realized were even there. Even looking at her eases my weary soul.

She touches my heart like no other could, with even the smallest gesture. A flicker of a smile, a twinkle in her eyes, the gentlest touch, a shadow of sadness on her soft, soft face.

She moves me, she amazed me, she unmans me with every single smile, every single drop of tear.

She steadies him. That is what she is, she is his center, his balance. She was always so calm, so collected, so together. She was what he wasn't. That's what made her so appealing. To him to everyone, but despite that she understands him, his anxiety, his worries, his restlessness. She was different from everybody else, unique in her own special kind of way and that steadied him, eased him.

She was so comfortable with herself, with her looks and her personality. It sometimes baffled him, her confidence and her ability to always be herself, the strength of her, the stillness of emotion in her. Her constancy so it always manages to surprised him to hear that bite of temper in her voice, to see that spark of anger in her eyes.

Her hair is dark as midnight, the colors of her eyes that changes with the light from soft brown to light gold that glinted from a vulnerable yet arrogant face stays imprinted in his mind.

Love for him has always been a struggle, while to her it just simply been. Her love unconditional, unwavering. It takes a very strong person to be able to love like that, to trust like that. It hurts him when she was let down, when she was upset. To see those sad soft eyes on such a beautiful face.

It unnerves him to see such beauty in one person, the beauty of her heart and soul staggers him, humbles him.

Her love for me is my lifeline, my goal, she is my mirror, what I do with myself will reflect her behavior towards me. Her love is my point of no return. Love is like a drug it keeps me on wanting more, creating a dependency. Her love is a craving, her love is my saving grace.

The thought to save myself from the inevitable heartbreak had never crossed my mind. I was never the one to shy away from a fight. So I waited and held on. To her.

There are times when the pain was so great, the love I felt was too strong, when the depth of it was inconceivable. When every touch from her drew heart has met his match at last. I treasure it, those moments, when she soothes my disgruntle features, my tiring soul. It's funny how the one who hurts me most is the only one who could heal me. And she did. Heal me.

Sometimes I disbelieve my memories of her because no one, no one can be so beautiful. Then I sleep. Then I dream and it all comes back to me again.

I wonder still feel the same, smell the same, taste the same. I can honestly say that I have forgotten. But when the moon was big and bright and when the stars shimmer on a dark blue velvety sky, and the sweet fragrant smell of flowers swirled over me, together with the fresh scent of rain on my window pane. It just washes over me. She washes over me.

It was never enough, the times he had spent with her. It was never enough. There had always been a pull in him every time he saw her. A lurch in his heart every time their eyes met. Then that sudden punch would smoothens out and lingers as a warmth in his heart. And that always reminds him. That 'this' is something special, that 'this' is what any people search for but rarely found. And that 'this' is what kept him going. Then cold reality hit him straight between his eyes when he realized that 'this' is also what he is going to lose.