There are so many things I wish I could say

And none of them that I will

For fear of being misconstrued

Of seeming to be saying more than I actually mean

For fear itself

What doors I've opened

Often closure isn't as simple as it first appears and I would hope that you know

It's worth nothing, but

I know this well

There are mirrors here she says to me

Oh yes there are

And they're right here in front of you and they bleed in front of you and you do too

You just can't help it

But that's it

Because it's over now, I'm done

I wish I was stronger I wish I had words

There's nothing more I can do

Even so, after all that explanation

I pray that you'll forgive me this slip of humanity

If I tell you one day

That on this day I allowed myself the luxury

Of a double strength coffee morning

Looking over the assembly grounds

Blinking away small tears for you