i wrote this for creative writing class, so it's kind of wierd...


"Where am I?" I thought to myself as my eyes opened slightly to see a bright light above me.

"What is going on? What is happening to me?" It was all so confusing, and the solitary feeling seemed to keep me alone for eternity. My chest heaved with every breath I struggled to take, but it seemed as though I wasn't controlling the movement. I could hear my heart pounding forcefully into my chest. My legs were cold and numb - my head warm and wet. I tried desperately to remember where I was before this strange place; or how I got here. My efforts proved to be futile as I could only concentrate on the emotions that flooded my mind. I gulped down air with every working muscle, and finally realized I was moving - and fast. I was being propelled quickly by something, though I had no clue as to what it was.

After pulling myself together, though I was still in a panic, I remembered. The last thing I remembered was being in my car. It came back to me like I had been asleep, and was recollecting some strange dream I had. I remembered driving down the road, and stopping at a light, but how did I end up here?

I looked down to see a large blur covering my nose and mouth. Whatever it was, it was making it difficult - almost impossible to breathe. It was held there by something, the edges digging into my skin. I tried to move my arms to remove it, but once again, I could not move no matter how hard I tried.

Suddenly a huge, dark mass came in front of my eyes and reached over me, removing the cover from my mouth. Finally I could breathe again, the oxygen being forced into my lungs went away, and I could breathe normally. A weight seemed to be lifted from my chest as I gulped on the fresh air. I directed all concentration and effort to figuring out where I was.

The next thing I knew, whatever I was on stopped moving, and I was lifted into the air by two pairs of hands; two under my arms and two grasping my ankles. Then I was dropped down hard onto a cold surface. I could hear a faint beeping noise that came rhythmically, and voices - there was people talking all around me.

"Someone help me!" I called out. Why don't they hear me? I thought to myself, then realized my lips did not move. I tried hopelessly, but my tongue remained still.

I jumped as my arms flew to the sides. My whole body twitched as the beeping stopped.

All of a sudden, I felt my shirt being ripped open, and something was pressed onto my chest. I could not tell what it was; I could only feel the cold metal that sent a shiver down my spine. The cold feeling abruptly ended and was replaced by a thrust running through my body, and a scorching heat filled my heart. It started to race at an incredible speed, and the beeping began again. My body was shaken and thrown to the side as feeling surged from my head to my legs. An immense pain came with the jolt, right above my knee, and in my stomach and head. I could feel something warm and liquid flowing in between my eyes. It filled my right eye and I shut it quickly.

Before I knew it, something sharp was being inserted into my stomach, cutting through muscle, burrowing deep into the fat that filled my gut. I had never had such a deep wound before - I could feel the tip of the object in the middle of my abdomen jerking around inside me. The real pain came when it was pulled back out, bringing something with it. Something sharp sliced through my stomach, something bigger than what had been inserted. I clenched my hands in excruciating pain and agony. It slid through me like a blade as the tip was pulled out, and blood gushed from the opened wound.

"What is happening to me?" my mind cried out as my heart thumped deep into my chest. Someone was trying to kill me, I thought, someone was killing me. I could feel my heart beat escalate into my throat, my lungs gasping for air, blood pumping into my head. The pain reached an ultimate climax before my eyes rolled back into my head, and all consciousness left my body.

When my eyes finally opened again, I could feel that I was fully awake. It took awhile to adjust to the brightness in the room - my eyes had been closed for what felt like hours. I leaned up, but a pain filled my head. I grasped it, and laid back down. After looking around, I realized I was in a hospital room. There was a large tool that looked like tweezers on the table beside me. Next to it was a long, thin piece of glass covered in blood. I looked at the EKG next to my bed as it beeped to a solid rhythm. I reached down and felt a large cloth wrapped around my stomach. Slowly, it all came back to me…


ok, so it's kind of like somebody who was in a car accident and was unconscious the whole time but knew what was going on...?