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"So what's it like, making it big?"

Mac closed her eyes against the sudden flash of a camera, temporarily blinded, "It's pretty cool," She answered nervously, "I mean, we're busy. We're definitely busy. But it's worth it, cause I love stepping on stage and having thousands of people shouting my name."

"What are you talking about?" Tyler interrupted, "They're shouting my name."

"You forget dear, I'm the lead singer, you just play the bass."

Mac gave him an evil grin before turning back to the reporter, "How did you guys start playing together?" She asked, pushing her glasses back up on the bridge of her nose, and writing furiously on her notepad.

"Umm, well on the first day of freshman year, I punched Tyler in the face," Quincy said happily, "A few days later, once I decided that he wasn't an utter idiot-"

"Correction, I believe it was I who tried to talk to you because I believe in second chances." Tyler broke in.

"Bloody hell you two, just get on with the story," Ryan spoke, as she pulled a cigarette out of her pocket and lit it, "To cut the Inovel/I short, they found that they shared a passionate," she paused to roll her eyes sarcastically, "love for loud angry metal, and decided to start playing together. They then realized that if they wanted to get anywhere they needed chicks, cause girls have sex appeal. So Tyler made Mac join. It was soon realized that a drummer was needed and so they threw me into the mix, and then they added Landon. Lan, why don't you tell us that part of the story," Ryan gave the small male an encouraging nod.

Landon sat up in his seat, and lifted his head, "Well, Mac's been my next door neighbor since we were kids. But we never got along, she always made fun of me 'cause I never talked. In short, I fucking hated her. She was an absolute bitch, but our parents were friends. And one day, our mothers made us spend the afternoon together. Mac had practice and forced me to come with-"

"I did not force you," Mac interrupted, and Landon dropped his head and slouched in his seat again, sensing that his voice was no longer needed. "Landon begged me to let him come along. And when he saw how ifantastically/i good we were he begged me to let him join," she rested her chin on her hands, and gave a confident glare to the camera that was taking nonstop pictures of the band. "Well because I'm nice, and because throughout the course of the day I'd realized that Landon wasn't a bad kid, I agreed to let him try out. When we he proved his talent, we let him in."

The reporter nodded, and pushed her blond hair off of her face, "Next question, there are some interesting rumors going around about romantic relationships between you guys, care to clarify?"

Mac's eyes lit up and she and snuggled against Tyler, "He's mine," she said kissing his cheek, "Has been for two and a half years."

Tyler looked up dully, "hah, she's making it sound better than it is. Dealing with this bitch all day. It's tiring, the sex makes it worth it though."

"He's lying," Said Mac, "He's completely in love with me, I've got him whipped."

Tyler rolled his eyes, "Whatever," He smiled before giving Mac a chaste kiss on the lips.

"Landon's dating our manager Corey," Ryan spoke up.

"I can explain about my own relationships thanks," Landon spoke softly, "I've been with Corey, our manager for about 6 months now. That's all."

"So would that make you gay?" The blond asked, continuing her note taking.

"It sure would," Landon answered.

"He's lying, the kids fucking a-sexual. Corey's always complaining about that." Quincy spoke up, making Landon blush.

"Thanks Quincy," He snapped.

"Dude, I'm kidding," Quincy gave the smaller boy a smile before turning to look at the reporter, "I'm bi, so's Mac, Ryan's straight, and single. She can't hold onto a man for more than two days."

"I can also speak for myself if you don't mind. I can to hold onto a man for longer than a week, I just haven't found any that are worth it. But you should talk Quin, you've fucked more groupies than I can count, male and female," Ryan put a friendly arm around his shoulders, and turned back to the reporter, "But it's a part of his charm."

She gave a dubious look, "So do you guys ever get along?" A nervous laugh escaped her mouth.

"Of course we do," Mac's eyes widened in surprise at the question, "these idiots are family, they're my best friends. Maybe we poke fun at each other, piss each other off. But fuck, I love them."

"Well said Mac, well said," Ryan nodded her head.

"Well then I guess I only have one last question," The reporter lifted her head from her notes and looked at the band members seriously, "Why Scorched Milk?"

"Mac have you seen my shirt?" Asked Tyler as he tore through all crap that had accumulated backstage.

"Which one?" Mac called back as she ran the mascara brush over her left eyelash a second time.

"The black muscle," Tyler answered.

"It's under your bed, " Quincy answered.

"Why would you know that?" Tyler asked, as he paced back and forth.

"Because I wore it yesterday and threw it there," Quincy answered as he pulled a plain white t-shirt over his skinny frame.

"Fuck!" Tyler groaned, "now what am I supposed to do?"

"Don't wear a shirt?" Mac suggested.

"But I'll be cold," Tyler complained.

Mac dug under her makeshift vanity and found a navy blue beater. "Will this do?" She asked throwing it at him an annoyed edge to her voice.

"Yeah, thanks babe," He put on the garment and picked up his bass, throwing the strap over his chest, and letting the instrument fall against his thighs.

"I'm gonna go warm up," Mac said as she finished with her makeup.

"You guys are on in twenty," Said Corey sticking his head into the room. Landon looked up at the sound of his voice. Corey walked over to him and gave him a hug. Landon stiffened, and tried to push away,

"Come on Cor, I gotta tune my guitar and practice a bit," He untangled himself from the bigger man's arms.

"Fine," Corey let him go, and leaned in to kiss him, Landon pulled away almost as soon as his lips touched Corey's and turned back to his guitar.

Mac hit her tuning fork against her shoe, closing her eyes as the 'A' came through, she hummed the note softly and hesitantly sang a scale.

"You sound good babe," A pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist.

"Hey Ryan," Mac greeted her friend, "I gotta warm up." She pushed Ryan away, and continued as if she wasn't there.

"You scared?" Ryan interrupted after a few minutes.

"Sure, of course I am," Mac smiled at Ryan's pretty face.

"You think that'll ever stop?"

"What being worried before a show?" Mac met Ryan's eyes, "No. That's what makes it a good performance, the adrenaline from having your stomach all tied up in knots."

"I suppose, but I always just think I'm gonna fuck up somehow."

"That would be the definition of being nervous," Mac laughed, and pulled Ryan into a friendly hug, leaning on her shoulder for a second, she gave her a tight squeeze, "Now leave me alone so I can sing."

"Whatever you wish babe," said Ryan as she sat down against the wall.

"Thanks," Said Mac before going back to what she'd been doing before Ryan had come in.

Quincy gave his cigarette a deep drag, "You know cigarettes aren't healthy," Tyler spoke.

"You know I don't care," Quincy retorted.

"Don't blame me when you die of lung cancer," said Tyler as he tuned his bass, and took a gulp of his beer.

"Don't blame me when you die of liver failure," Quincy answered, giving his cigarette a final hit, before grinding it into the ground with the toe of his boot. He picked up his guitar from the stand and swung the instrument onto his body.

He relaxed as he felt the familiar weight across his chest. If anything could make his problems fly away this was it.

"Don't worry I wont," Tyler finished off his can and tossed it into the trash. Ryan and Mac came back into the room and Landon showed up moments later, Corey trailing close behind him.

"You guys are on in five!" Corey announced to them, "gather up, I wanna talk to you." Scorched Milk formed a circle around their manager, and prepared themselves for yet another pep talk, "Ok, so there are a lot of people here tonight, this is your biggest show ever. Don't fuck it up. Mac, I want that voice to be perfect, you hit every note right on, and if you don't, I'll make sure Tyler withholds all sex for a week, got it?"

"Sure boss," Mac gave a confident nod.

"Quincy and Landon, you guys are gonna play some mad guitar tonight right?"

"Right," They affirmed.

"And Tyler, you just keep plucking at that bass like you do every other night."

"Would I do anything else?" Asked Tyler.

"Great. You all are awesome, you're going to do a fabulous job. Now get your butts out on stage!"

"We were stupendous!" Tyler slurred drunkenly, as he took another shot of alcohol, Mac gave a disgusted look.

"Yeah, does that mean you have to get completely shit faced?" She asked, kicking her bare feet up on the table.

"Of course it does," Tyler answered.

"Everything's an excuse to get drunk," She muttered.

"What got a problem with it?" Tyler challenged.


"Yeah, like what?" Tyler spat the words out of his mouth.

The other three band members and Corey, sensing that things were about to get messy, discretely left the room.

"You're different when you're fucked up,"

"Different how?" Tyler toyed with the bottle in his hand.

"You're not you, you're this weird mutation who says stupid things. I want a boyfriend whose sober!" Mac's green eyes flashed at him..

"It helps me relax," Tyler answered.

"And that's the problem. You can't relax on your own," Mac tugged slightly on her hair blue spiked hair, letting her tongue ring clink against her teeth, something she only did when upset or nervous.

"I'm stressed babe, this entire lifestyle, it's all about stress," Tyler said with a slight shrug. He reached out towards Mac to hug her.

"Then why the fuck are you so calm about this all?" Mac said trying to pull out of Tyler's strong grip.

"That's the beauty of alcohol babe," Tyler responded before crushing his lips against Mac's, reaching a crude hand up to cup her breast.

Mac pushed him away, standing up as she knocked him to the ground, "What the fuck Ty? What the fuck? I'm leaving," She turned around.

Tyler stood up and stumbled over to her, "Mac!" He grabbed her around the waist planting kisses along the back of her neck, "Don't go, come on."

"I'll see you when you aren't drunk anymore," Mac tried to push away from Tyler's powerful grip. "Tyler let go," she ordered, but he didn't budge, she struggled for a moment, "Tyler get the hell off of me!" She screamed tearing his arms away from her and running outside.

Tyler glanced at the bottle of vodka, and poured another shot, "Oh Mac," He said to the air, "I wish I knew what you wanted." He tilted his head back as the liquor burned his throat.

Ryan leaned against the tour bus, a lit cigarette against her lips, she inhaled deeply and then exhaled watching the white smoke leave her mouth. The night was bitterly cold, but Ryan didn't care. She enjoyed it, the frigid air woke her up, made her feel real, and less like the rock star she was always telling everyone she was. Being famous was fun, but sometimes it felt like a dream, and Ryan didn't like dreams. They were too obscure, you always wondered if everything around you was going suddenly disappear, and she didn't like that. She liked being grounded, she liked knowing exactly what was going to happen, who she could depend on, and she certainly couldn't depend on the music industry. Not when it had all happened so fast.

"Tell me Ryan, will he ever be just Tyler again?" Ryan looked up her eyes meeting Mac's furious gaze.

"Do I look like a fortune teller to you?"

"Fuck Ryan, I don't care if you're a fortune teller or not, I need an answer. I need to know that all the love I have for him is going to go somewhere, and not be thrown in the trash like an empty beer bottle once he's consumed the alcohol."

"Wonderful metaphor Mac," Ryan gave a smile trying to cheer up her friend.

"No humor right now Ry, just tell me what to do?" Mac dropped her head onto Ryan's shoulder.

Ryan let a hand run over Mac's flourescent blue spiked hair, "Do you love him Mac?"

"Of course I do."

"Then don't leave him."

"Why the fuck not?" Mac grumbled.

"Because he loves you too," Ryan answered looking at Mac enviously.

"What's your point?"

"How would you feel if you lost him?" Ryan answered Mac's question with her own.

"Like it was the apocalypse."

"Well he'd feel much the same way. That kid's crazy about you, you're his world, don't let it disappear. This whole thing already feels like to much of a dream reality as it is." Ryan gave Mac a sad smile.

"But it's wonderful isn't it?"

"Yeah it is, but don't you wonder when it'll all disappear?"

Mac let out a laugh, "Fucking pessimist."

"Hey, not my fault the glass is half empty."

"Actually my dear, I beg to differ. The glass is half full," Mac grinned, "I'm gonna go see Tyler."

Ryan dropped her cigarette on the ground and put it out with the heel of her boot. She grabbed another one from her pocket and lit it, that girl really didn't know how lucky she was.

"Ty?" Mac whispered softly kneeling over his bed.

"That you Mac?" Tyler opened his eyes groggily.

"Yeah it's me," Mac stripped down to her bra and underwear, and climbed into the bed next to Tyler.

Tyler ran a hand alongside her face, "I thought you were gone."

"I was, and then I came back," Mac kissed his lips, pressing her body against his, trying to get closer.

"Why? I'm such a fuckup," Tyler whispered, his eyes were wet.

"No you aren't, you're a wonderful beautiful person, and I love you," Mac assured as she kissed the side of his face.

"So are you," He squeezed her tightly for a moment, holding his breath before releasing her, "So are you," A tear cascaded down his face, followed by another and another one.

"Tyler baby, don't cry," Mac kissed his forehead, "Don't cry."

"I wish I didn't have to do it Mac, I wish I didn't," He buried turned away from her to stare at the wall.

Mac climbed over him, squeezing into the small space that was there, and staring straight at him. "I know Tyler." She gave him a tight grin.

"God, I don't deserve you," Tyler said, running a soothing hand up Mac's back.

"No you sure as hell don't," Mac agreed, "Now go to sleep."

Tyler nodded and snuggled against Mac's body, "Love you."

"Love you too."

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