"DESTINY! LET'S GO!" Was yelled up the stairs as a teenage girl grabbed her suitcase. "COMING!" She yelled back to her mother. Scurrying down the flight of steps, Destiny vowed to make life long friends in Houston. That's where her family was moving. She hadn't made many friends in California; but then again they had only lived there for half a year. Moving was getting old, so her father had promised they would stay in Houston until she graduated Senior High. Who was she kidding? She had already moved seven times that she could remember and she was only fourteen. Boy, did she hope they stayed put at least until she finished the school year, which she had about a semester and a few weeks to go. Winter was beginning to set in so that meant first semester exams then winter break.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Later That Day

Destiny walked into her new room, and at that point was very glad the furniture had already been set up.

"This is our new house then?" Destiny asked her mom, half-heartedly.

"Yep," replied her mother with a smile walking in after Destiny.

"I like it." Destiny observed, turning around to see everything. She walked up to the window and watched the clouds come in for a rainstorm, blocking the dipping sun from view.

"Well, were going to pick up some dinner in an hour, are you coming?" Her mom asked from the doorway.

"No thanks, Mom. I'm gonna meet the neighbors." Destiny decided, whipping her golden blonde hair into decent French braids.

"Alright," her mom called from down the landing. Destiny put on some half- decent clothes (jeans and a pink Abercrombie shirt with her navy Hurley hoodie) and headed downstairs.

"I'M GOING TO MEET THE NEIGHBORS, ANYONE WANT TO COME?" She called up to her four older sisters.

"NOPE!" Came the simultaneous replies.

Destiny sighed and walked out the door heading towards the house next door.

She knocked an old woman opened the door. "Hello?" The lady said.

"Hello ma'am, I'm Destiny Carlson. I just moved in next door. I was coming by to introduce myself. My parents are coming around to meet you later."

"Why hello! It's nice to meet you Destiny. I'm Melanie Jackson." The nice lady replied.

"Would you like to come in for a drink?" She asked.

"Oh no thanks, I have to get home."

"Okay then, see you around!"

"Bye!" Destiny called, walking away waving.