Autumn walked the streets of Toronto. She wrapped her arms around herself. She was in a simple tank top and jeans and the temperature must have been at least forty degrees. Her rust colored hair hung below her shoulders in curls. Her dark brown eye pierced the darkness of the night. She could see everything, much more clearly than any other human could.

She stopped and noticed a young gentleman across the street. She crossed the car filled street and started to walk behind him. She began to weep loudly. He turned around and looked at her for a second.

"Madam are you ok?" He asked stopping in his tracks.

Autumn looked up from her hands. The man took a step towards her.

"Can I help you?" He asked.

"No, no." Autumn said.

"You seem to be in distress. May I please help you."

Autumn quickly checked his finger for any wedding or engagement ring.

"My boyfriend, he kicked me out of the house. I have no place to go. Do you think you can help me find a reasonable hotel to stay at?" Autumn said clearing the tears from her face.

"If you'd like you can stay at my apartment." The gentleman offered.

"Really. I only need someplace to stay for tonight. Hopefully I'll find something by tomorrow. Thank you so much"

"No problem." The man said smiling. "So what is your name?" He asked.

"Autumn." She answered.

"Mine is Shane. Beautiful name." He complimented.

"Where is your apartment?" Autumn asked.

"Just around the block. I was walking back from the store." Autumn nodded and followed the young gentleman.

"Do you live by yourself." Autumn said.

"Yea." He chuckled. "My girlfriend and I just recently broke up."

"Oh. I'm sorry to hear that." Autumn said, trying to sound concerned.

"It's ok. I'm over her by now."

They walked in silence for a while before entering a building. Inside the elevator Autumn noticed Shane staring at her.

"I'm sorry, but I find it hard to believe any man could put you out on the streets. You are a very beautiful woman." Shane said finally.

"Thank you." Autumn answered.

They stopped on the 12th floor and got off. Autumn followed Shane to a room. He unlocked it with a key and entered.

"You can either have the couch or bed." He said flicking on some lights.

"I'll take the couch thank you." Autumn said.

Autumn found a clock. The clock read 10:45 She couldn't really understand the point of keeping time. When the sun rises the day starts and when it falls the day is over. She guessed after over a hundred years of living time doesn't matter. It didn't exist to her.

"Would you like anything to eat?" Shane asked in his kitchen.

"No. I'm perfectly fine." She said.

"Do you mind me watching television for a while with you." Shane said coming over to the couch with a cup of water. He picked up a remote and turned the television on. He flipped through channels and finally stopped on the news.

Autumn moved a bit closer to Shane. Shane looked over at Autumn who was watching the television.

'God she is beautiful.' He thought.

Autumn felt the heat coming from Shane's body. She smiled.

"So you're not in any relationships right now." Autumn asked. Shane looked down at Autumn surprisingly.

"No. Why?" He asked.

"You are hansom. And very kind." Autumn said.

Shane was shocked at how bold she was.

"Well thank you." That was all Shane could think of. Shane kept his eyes on Autumn's pale face. She leaned toward him. He also leaned forward. They kissed. Eventually Autumn slid her tongue over Shane's bottom lip. He allowed her to enter his mouth. She tasted sweet and Shane indulged himself. She pulled away from him.

"Why did you stop?" He asked.

"Just wait." Autumn said.

Shane's feet began to feel numb, then his legs.

"What's going on?" He asked panicking.

"My saliva has a chemical in it that paralyzes you." Autumn said silently.

"What the..." Shane no longer had the ability to speak. He was completely paralyzed.

"Just to let you know before you die. I am a vampire, but not of blood...but of pain and fear. So far you are exerting a lot of fear. Just calm down. It only takes an hour or so." Autumn ran her hand through his hair. She liked to comfort her prey before their death. She took her pointer finger and sliced his cheek with her nail. The blood dripped down. She got up and went to his kitchen. She found a small paring knife.

"This will have to do." She heard Shane moaning. The only sound he could produce.

She walked back over to him. She took his shirt off and threw it to the floor. She sat on his lap and began caressing his abdomen. She took the knife and slid it down his abdomen once. Then began slicing his skin in various places. His whole abdomen was covered in blood within a minute. Autumn felt a rush of energy fill through her body.

"More." She said stabbing the knife into his chest. She took the knife out and grabbed his arm. She cut all the way up his arm with one swift motion. She moaned in delight. She did the same thing to his other arm.

She got up from Shane and went into the kitchen. She found a salt shaker and smiled. She went back to Shane and dumped some into her hand. She rubbed it into his abdomen. She heard a small sound come from his throat, then a rush of energy from her body once again.

"That's all." Autumn said. She then kissed him once again on the lips. She lied him down on the couch. She took the knife and stabbed it into his chest. She then sat next to his head and rested his head on her lap. She caressed his cheek and ran her fingers through his hair.

His breathing finally stopped. She felt no more energy coming from him. She placed a kiss upon his forehead and stood up.

"Good night." She said walking out the door and back to the streets of Toronto.