What's with 5?

What's with 5?

Is it just a number?

Or does it answer the questions of the universe?

Can it be the perfect number?

Or is it just, 5?

5 is the center of everything

Between 1 and 10, it's place just can't be missed

And it doesn't want to be missed

For it's pride swells up inside it

When '5' is seen or spoken.

Perhaps because there are 5 digits per hand and foot

Gives the defiant number a special place

Or maybe it is just loved

For it is in its prime of life:

Just 5 million years old.

5 settles for nothing less than full leadership

It's perfect spot gives meaning to everything.

It's partner, 25, with whom 5 has a square relationship

Has never once pointed out

That 101 is the beginning course.

5 is always happy but sometimes overbearing

He always has a story

Of counting by five's to one-hundred

And yet it's always told to kids

Who never tire of the 5's great reign.