A violent touch, and
Her blood runs cold.
A cold, hard voice says to
Do as she's told.
Forced down on her knees,
Body naked and bare,
She struggles so hard
But he doesn't care.
He slaps her hard and
With her wrists tightly bound,
Has his way with her then
Right there on the ground.
She closes her eyes
Tries to pretend she's not there
And to ignore the pain
And his hands everywhere.
Then suddenly it's over;
The monster had gone.
But she's lost in the memories
Of what he had done.
She's found one escape
From the memories, the pain
She forgot all about it
As the blade kissed her veins.
While she lay dying,
She remembered one thing:
The love she had shared,
With her family, her kin.
But despite her feelings she cant
Undo the cut she has made.
Already she's weakening
And her life starts to fade.
So tell me.
Is she happy now?
Has she found her escape?
This poor lonely child,
This victim of rape.