An Impossible Reality

Sometimes I think there's a place
There is a place where warmth, happiness and dreams flow
I think that for one brief moment I could touch it just once
It's my own little imaginary world
It's not reality because such worlds don't exist
The soft fluffy cloud that I think I'm reaching for could be broken gravel
And falsehoods
On some level, I know this of course
But it's so nice to indulge thinking that it's the truth
Instead of an impossible reality
I would draw myself in
Escaping from truth
And then for those few minutes I'll be happy, safe and content
That world doesn't exist even though it's told of in poetry
Perhaps in love, in romance, in friendship and faith
But it's a false bubble
We're alone, tired and delusional facing the world with imaginations
They'll shatter when we reach the end
When we all reach the end alone
It's ironic that we wake up only to realize everything when we leave
Only to know that everything was fake for our benefit
So, maybe I'll slip into that world now to forget all this
Then I'll be happy even though it might not be real, it feels like it
I'll deal with everything in the end