TransComm Channel 001 Online...

...Current Program: IGNM News Report; Source: OMNET Central,

Mnemen IV Life-Ring...

[A human-like shadow of a face, neck and shoulders floats to the left of the screen. You can see it belongs to a man of sharp lines. His mouth moves
and, accompanying the audio, is a line of text in the Ur-Dargi language scrolling along the lower part of the view screen.]

"Welcome Sentients of the Greater Galaxy to the Inter-Galactic News Matrix. I'm Vestis Apsius Dakarrus..."

[The angle changes, pulling out and panning to a smooth medium shot, favoring Dakarrus off to the left, while revealing his human co-anchor, screen
right. Her cue comes and she speaks.]

"... And I'm Vestis Nisa Gaetane with your galaxy's news in perspective."

[The camera cuts to Nisa, now favoring her on screen right. Next to her floats holographic captions in shifting multi-lingo fonts.]

"Today, across the galaxy, marks the first, and perhaps only occurrence of what scientist and religious leaders
are calling...The Day of Omens. A once in an aeon phenomenon that has caught the attention of the Nine Synths.
In the the scope of single day we will see the synchronization of several cosmic events: planetary alignments, super
nova's, quantum zone shifts and the birth of several stars occurring nearly simultaneously across numerous solar
systems just in today's first cycle alone. One Omnet scientist said that creation has not seen this much synchronicity
since the fabled Shattering of Suns itself.
Meanwhile, many prominent religious leaders, and prophets are heralding the event as everything from the end
of the Universe to the second coming of Kendis Dai, while others have proclaimed today as a blessed omen for any
children born, or martyred status for the departed. Whichever the case, the galaxy will be changed as we know it."

[Camera widens to a two shot as Dakarrus looks on with interest.]

"And if it's a change for good or bad, Nisa, we'll be here to report it."

[An image shimmers, fading up to full focus between the reporters, solidifying into a three dimensional avatar of the K'tan Imperial Flag.
Dakarrus lifts his chin and squares his shoulders, a sublet shift that pulls the viewers attention back to him.]

"Now, for this cycles breaking news ...hijacking in the Mir Islands. Approximately six hours ago the K'tan Empire
released information detailing news of startling consequence to nearly every Empire in the G, H and B Tri-Sector.
The supply route of the 21st Fleet of the K'tan Empire was hijacked by what appears to be a massive armada of
Razgat pirates. Information concerning how this embarrassing and startling defeat could befall one of the galaxy's
most powerful Major Empires is unknown at this time. However, a spokesman for the K'tan fleet has reported that
there were no survivors in this heinous act of piracy. We'll have more on this late breaking news within the cycle."

[The scene cross dissolves to space. The deep, blue velvet colors of a Quantum storm saturates the image before the camera pans - an arcing,
wide angel swish that distorts the surrounding space with a swirling fish-eyed effect before settling on a small armada of Merchant Class ships.]

"A level four Quantum storm has unexpectedly broken out this cycle along the Sector C's border of the Maelstrom
Wall, causing a wide deviation of Interstellar merchants routes and an overlapping of the sovereign territories of the
Covenant of the Spiral, and the Neelim Celestocracy. Both Minor Empires have welcomed members of the Omnet
Diplomatic Corps to mediate the nations new conjoined spaces as well as the plotting of a new Interstellar trade route.
An air of mutual cooperation has also spread between both Empires as plans have been discussed for the construction
of a joint space station."

[Scene dissolves back the news station set. Dakarrus continues.]

"And today marks the final retirement of Vestis Aegeon Tybalt, who at the remarkable age five hundred and forty-two
is the oldest living Vestis in Omnet history. As one of the first generation of Vestis Inquisitas, Vestis Tybalt has lived and
reported on such historical events as the formation of the Lights of Ja'Lel and the assassination of Vestis Prime Sar'ashra.
We caught up with this remarkable man on his ranch on the planet Alfheim of New Asgard, and asked what the future
may have in store for him ..."

[Scene cross fades to an strong and fit elderly looking man throwing a bale of hay on to hover wagon. Surrounding him are tall majestic mountains
covered with ancient pines. The smudged silhouette of a dragon can be seen flying in the distance over the shoulders of numerous reporters from
countless races and empires. Turning towards the groups with a roguish smile the Vestis speaks.]

"Well, to be honest it's going to take some time getting use to living without deadlines, but essentially, I'm going to
take it one day at a time."

[A reporter with avian features calls a question.]

"One day at a time, sir? No plans for writing a holo on your life, or consulting for the Vestis Interion?"

"Goodness no. It'll be nice just not to write something for a while."

[Another reporter calls an inquiry.]

"No disrespect sir, but now that you're retired, do you feel that there are less days ahead of you than behind?"

[The elder Vestis crosses his arm, and regards the group with a warming grin.]

"If there's one thing I've learned in all my time in the Omnet, it's this... one day is a universe onto it's own, my friend.
Live for today ...and let tomorrow take care of itself."

[The Camera cuts, and the head anchor turns to face the viewer.]

"Words of wisdom to live by. Coming up next ...the quantum weather by the sectors, and the yarlow stock reports.
I'm Vestis Apsius Dakarrus, along with Vestis Nisa Gaetane reporting from Mnemen IV, OMNET Central, for the
Intra-Galactic News Matrix IGNM: a Universe of perspective you can Trust."

...Next Program: Class VII sentient race rights change and the FSS political scene; Source: Star Citadel, FSS...

[Scene fades to black replaced by a field of stars.]