Months later and here I am, still debating if I should send you the letter. I've read it a thousand times and it still rings true. Why is it that I'm so afraid to tell you how I feel? Sometimes I think it's because maybe there's a chance for us. I'm more afraid that you'll call me up and tell me to pack my bags and meet you in California than I am of rejection. I'm more afraid to have the opportunity to love you fully than I am to continue our lives at status quo. I'm too comfortable with they way we are to change it, or ask for more.

I miss you and the way you made me feel. I miss the way we would snuggle or simply look at each other and just know. I miss wandering around Rugar woods with you and scaring the bejeezus out of myself. I miss your smile and the way you challenged me.

I'm tired of being a stupid girl who doesn't tell anyone how she feels. I'm afraid that you'll hate me, or turn away from me. Or worse yet, I'm afraid that you might actually tell me that you are in love me too. Regardless Steve, I just want you to know where I'm at.


Grace Singer

November 30, 2001