You smile at the look on my face as you glance at me

I'm distracted by the little vein on your forehead while you talk

It rivets me to the spot

Making me unable to move

You speak with passion about fantasy

Your joy at an old frayed copy of Lord of the Rings

I spout on about faeries and C. S. Lewis

While you sit amazed that a girl likes the same things you do

Have you ever met someone so perfect

Yet so taken by something else

So wrapped in another identity that in this lifetime

It is impossible but unavoidable to love

The kind of love you could write sonnets about

The kind of life all your friends would envy

But neither will make a move

Whether because the feeling is not returned

Or because both are scared of where this life will take them

Where will I land

Which Matt is the Matt for me

Can the cards divine for me what I long to know

It is possible I'm rushing

I'm jumping expectations

But these boys drive me wild

Make me mad

Make me full of thoughts and feelings I can't control

This passion is blinding

Is tiring

Why does one heart have so much love

While another has none