The hearts represent freedom, joy, emotional remembrance and such

They fall from the ceiling in the form of card backs

They drift coolly from the North

Landing in a pile of snow

Can one pause in the memories of youth last forever?

Enrapt in their literature

Sanctified in their truth

The diamonds are the sword that slices the air, thought which leads to confusion

They rest on the green grass on a warm night

Sitting in the lawn, soaked with dew

Mocking contempt as I bend over to lift them

Can they tell me what it is I yearn to know?

Hiding the mystery

Paper pieces of truth

The red for blood, for life

The suit of fire and passion

The color of menstruation, of woman

No spades or clubs, no black and white in a world filled with color

This confusion, this deep red blood fire pounding in my veins

The cards that I find match me

They land in places that I will find them

They seek me out