Introspection is the word

I've been doing some soul searching here

I've found so many things in here it's amazing I kept them all bottled up

I'm straying from the pack my friend

I've broken free and I'm running towards the sun

It's in sight now; I can almost reach it

Just a little further and I could hold the whole world in my hands

I understand those things I never cared to before

I'm finding my sexuality, my spirituality

My everything

My life is as good as it's ever been

I'm not scared of being alone, I'm not afraid of risking it all

I've come to that pinnacle of life that can't be described with mere words

I have found myself

I was tied down before, to all of you

Not being a bitch and all, but I need to...

What's the word I'm looking for?


I don't know

I've realized so much, and carried far too much baggage for too long

I'm not ready to heave the bag over my shoulder again and rejoin the group

I don't know that I'll ever be ready to deal with that

I'm doing what I need to do

I'm almost healed

I'm mostly a loner lately

Not much of a social butterfly anymore

Listen, I've been a shitty friend

Past, present and future

And every time I become that shitty friend, I need distance

I need space to sort out why I am that way

And not to hurt the other person

God knows I'm good at that

I'm a bitch and my claws are out

Along with my fangs

Let's just say I have some issues to deal with