And so I tread through another darkened dawn,
My head pounding with the footsteps of ghosts
As she spears me with another accusation;
I throw the dart right back, daring not
To poison the moment further with her fear.
"Have you listened to yourself?" she crows
And I say "Yes" but only to myself while I wonder
How the scowl on my face seems stolen from hers.
With a clatter of weapons, I disarm and drop
My mind into the seething emptiness between us,
Where tormented angels shred their wings and fall.
Yet another opportunity shatters against my will.
I pick up the shards and hold a thousand mirages
Sparkling like the grigori seated beside me.
"Have you ever talked to yourself?" I ask
And he nods "Yes" but only his eyes tell me
How no one talks anymore, they only cry.
I nod and hang my heart around his throat
To strangle him until I can breathe again.
With a splatter of blood, I gasp and release
Myself into the brightening dusk, soaring
With his wings on my back, my soul at his feet,
And a sword of fire frozen to my icy hands.
"Have you ever killed yourself?" it asks
And I say "Yes" but only my spirit truly knows
How smoothly a blade cuts down through the bone.
With a flaring roar, it strikes and slices
Until the barbed-wire falls free of my flesh.
And so I walk through another glowing dusk,
My ears ringing with the applause of souls
As the world opens, smiles, and swallows me whole.


A/N: Hmm, not quite sure where all that came from. This is what happens when you argue with your mom, then go to the dentist and ponder the plots of Kaori Yuki's "Angel Sanctuary." ^_^;

The thing feels kinda like my older poem "Damned" except the speaker here makes the opposite choice than the one in damned. Don't know if that comes across clearly, though. I'll...uh...leave it open to your interpretation. ^_~

By implication, though, the world would ask "Have you ever lived?"