We had something
It faded into to nothing

Im so fucking sad as I close the breach
Looking down twin barrels

Everything good
Everything that should
Has been all it will and all it can be

I wasn't lying when i said you finally made me happy
Now im back to square one stuck here with this god damn gun

I have nothing again
Just living to find my moment
My fucking break in life

A time when i can be happy indefinitely
But im sick of living in a world of shit
sick of getting kicked and taken advantage of

I tell myself this better be one good god damn break
Its really not worth it
You were all I had to live for
You were my light at the end of the tunnel

But ended up running me the fuck over you god damn train

No pain can overcome this
No searing flesh
no sliced wrist
And that's what I have and that's where I am

IT sucks it really does
My moment won't come
Why get hurt
again and again
History just keeps on going
But liked a fucked up un cared for cd
it repeats

Now I look down smoking barrels
but not really looking
Im not there anymore

And I never really was