~* 14th Birthday *~

I faked a smile today

But would you even care?

Friends that are so happy

Playing truth or dare

It happened on that night

On my 14th birthday

Listen closely,

It was just an ordinary day

I woke up grinning from ear to ear

I jumped off of my bed

And looked at all around me

My bed, ever so red

I hopped down

Down the marble white stairs

I went in to the kitchen

And was met by the same old stares

All my friends looked at me

And went back to talking like before

I knew it was too good to be true

Asking just for more...

I went and took my seat

My smile vanished permanently

I didn't ate that day

And frowned, ever so slowly

We went to the mall

It's not like we do it everyday

We went to every store we knew

But this was still not my lucky day

We went home after that

Laughing all night

I tried to smile

I tried with all my might

And as I cried my eyes out

A thought came to my mind

I finally decided,

Decided in everything I could find

I stood up all shaky

And reached for the bathroom door

I opened up the cabinet

And pulled out a medicine I saw countless times before

I got a glass of water

And went back to my bed

I drank the pills

And fell to the ground, dead

But I did one more thing

Before darkness did console me

I wrote 'SORRY' on one paper

And I just let it be,

'I will go to your funeral...

But will you go to mine?

Would you even really care

That it's over and it's time?'

I counted the days

And it all happened so fast

What seemed to be my 14th birthday

Seemed to be my last


A girl with long brown hair and deep brown eyes rushed into the room when she heard a crash and a thud. She gasped at what she saw and screamed. It wasn't in fear but in sadness. Three more girls rushed into the room, and their eyes widened at the horrific sight,

One of them had shoulder-length black hair with short bangs and hazel eyes. Another had long blonde hair, in a high ponytail and blue eyes. And the last had fiery red hair that flows just past her shoulders and emerald eyes.

The brown-haired girl walked slowly to the dead body and saw a small smile on it's lips,

"What happened, Shade?" The black-haired girl asked shakily,

The brunette shook her head, cradling their friends head on her lap, "I don't know, Hazel.. I don't know.."

The blonde looked at the redhead, "Emerald, let's see if we can find any clue in this room."

The red-head nodded, tears flowed freely on her delicate cheeks, "Sure, Clear.. Sure.."

"Oh, Cherry.." Shade sobbed, "Why did you do this?"

"Shade.." Hazel looked at her, "She's happy.. She's smiling.."

Cherry had long auburn brown hair, which was tied up in a high ponytail with chin-length bangs loose at the sides of her face. Her face was paler than ever and her body was so thin that all of them knew that she hasn't been eating properly.

"Shade! Hazel! We found something!" Clear screamed, a book in one hand.

"It wasn't all we have. Cherry also killed herself with pills! And look at her wrists!" Emerald whimpered, "Their full of scars. We also found her diary. It's full of sad topics!"

"Wait, Clear. Let me see that diary!" Shade stood up and Hazel took her turn to cradle Cherry's lifeless form,

Shade flipped the pages frantically, and stopped when she found what she needed, "Aha! July 14, 2005. Here's her last entry. Emerald, what date is it now?" She cried,

"J-July 14.." Emerald's voice cracked, as her tears became rivers. Clear hugged her, patting her back.

Shade paled , "We.. We forgot her birthday.." Her eyes were blank, "July 14's her 14th birthday.."

"Wait.." Hazel sobbed, "A piece of paper fell." She took it and read as her face became paler. If possible, even more paler than Cherry's.

"What is it?" Clear looked up. Hazel shakily handed the piece of paper and started crying once more,

Clear read it out loud and it was a poem. Much like a diary entry but still a poem. Her emotions during that day and the things that happened. Everyone paled like Hazel and screams of agony was heard. Their eyes widened, and all quickly gave Cherry one last hug.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ The Funeral ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

"-she was the greatest friend to us. More like a sister. She never gave up hope in anything and never bothered to stop helping others. Even when she's full of problems and she was getting very restless, she still helped the four of us with our own problems. We all thought.. No.. KNEW that she came from heaven. She's an angel, a goddess, a savior." Shade's voice cracked, "A friend.. A sister and a true companion. Cherry, wherever you are, thank you. Thank you for everything."

Then Clear took her turn. Then next was Emerald and lastly was Hazel. But just then, a boy, their age, with short messy dark brown hair and blue eyes came to the stage. Everybody turned to listen, all eyes glistening with tears.

"Cherry Bloomflower was a great person. She once told me when I was depressed that she'd do anything just to see me smile. I just glared at her and told her to run around the whole town twice. She stood up and left. I thought she was mad so I went for a walk. Hours has passed when I finally decided to check on her, to apologize for what I said. When I asked her friends, they told her she wasn't home. The very next day, I went back to her house again. She still wasn't there. Sighing, I walked to the park, wondering where she could've went. I don't know how I have been there but something rustled snapped me out of my thoughts. When I looked back, sure enough, I saw Cherry. Panting and cheeks all red. She was using a branch to keep her up and let loose a small smile. That's when I knew that she really did run the whole town twice. She stayed in the hospital for two weeks and I never got mad around her again. She was the best gift I could ever ask for. I loved her.. And I still do." The sobbing became louder as those words reached the audience's ears. "I only hope I got to tell her. I guess this story pretty much shows what kind of person Cherry Bloomflower really is." Just as the boy went off the stage, Shade came pushing him back to the microphone, a small smile dancing on her lips.

"Don't you know, Ray Krater.. She loved you, too." Those words echoed throughout the whole place as people gave their usual 'aww's' and 'how sad's'.

Ray stood as Shade ran back to the sides. Ray smiled and left the stage. All eyes never left him as he sat back down to his chair.

Shade, Hazel, Clear and Emerald all cried in their lover's arms, who were all trying their not to cry with them.

Everyone threw flowers as the coffin was buried. The diary and the poem lay beside Cherry's lifeless body and the stone was quickly placed,

"Cherry Bloomflower

July 14, 1991 - July 14, 2005

The Mythical's gift from heaven


Ray's Little Angel"

And as the wind blew, everyone swore they heard a soft whisper,

'Thank you.. Tell Ray I love him too. I'll never forget all of you. I'll be your guardian angel from now on. I'll be waiting for everyone. Thank you.. For everything..'

Everyone walked out of the graveyard; smiles were all placed on their lips. Their hearts were torn into pieces at the loss of a great person, but they were joyful; that they made that person happy.. Even in death..