~* You're still mine *~

If I Die

Before I Wake

Promise Me

You won't break

I tried to smile

I tried to laugh

But you were mad

You were rough

You pushed me away

And I didn't know why

When I knew the reason

I started to cry

You care for me

That you were scared

To hurt me so

You wouldn't dared

You said 'I'm sorry'

I said 'it's alright'

I smiled to myself

We shouldn't fight

I love you so much

I would die for you

And that's what I did

Please don't be blue

You were hurt

And couldnt move

I wasn't scared

And I should prove

I scared them away

And then went to you

Please be alive!

Oh, please do!

I was crying then

Until I heard something loud

'Gunshot', I thought

And then I fell on the ground

I looked back at me

And saw the police taking the man away

You're safe now

Please be on your way

You stood and cried

As you knelt before me

I smiled at you

I'm happy, you see

'Please be alive!'

You begged as you screamed,

'Thank you' was my words

And my eyes suddenly became dim

'Oh no..' you breathed

Please don't worry about me

I hate seeing you cry

Why can't you be happy?

I breathed slowly

And I made no sound

'I love you' was my tears

And I fell limp on the ground

And as I watch you

Through the morning sky

I still can't help myself

But I started to cry

I was happy right now

You're finally fine

You write on a piece of paper

'Cherry, you're still mine'...


Err. so what do you guys think? I think it's kinda fine but a little bit. ugh. I dunno. sappy? ^^;; And Cherry is the name of the girl who died, k?

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