~* Suicide *~

I opened my eyes

To see a bright new day

But my insides are opposite

Nothing goes my way

I took a bath

And dressed myself up

I ran for the door

Before the others woke up

I didn't eat before

I lost my appetite

I don't care I look like a stick

But I wont take a bite

As I head for the classroom door

Two girls goes in my way

Two idiots looking stupid

Let it be, come what may

They teased me and mocked me

As I went to the room

My classmates is no help

As I enter my doom

The world fades away

As the lesson goes on

My mind kept racing

Oh please, let it be done

Lunch passed by

Pretty fast for me

I didn't eat again

I'm not hungry, cant you see?

The class goes on

Before everyone goes away

But they pushed me more

Like usual days

They teased me and mocked me

Then laughed at me more

I ran home crying

What is this life for?

I entered the house

And a slap is there to greet me

I fell to the floor, weeping

But she won't listen to my plea

A punch and a kick,

Blood was seen

She may look innocent

But it's not always what they seem

A laugh then she cursed

I whimpered once again

A scar upon my cheek

Everywhere, though now and then

She threw to my room

And I crawled up to my bed

I looked at my mirror

And saw my eyes so red

I cried and I cried

As I took out my blade

I saw my wrists open

And my vision began to fade

No one understands me

But no one even bothered

Now no one can hurt me

As I will soon be withered

I slit my wrists again

As memories played back in my mind

I will never find true friends

And laugh with treasures to find

No one will notice

That a small girl died

No one will know

That I committed suicide