~* The Truth *~

I'm here

All alone

In the darkness of the night

With no one to help me

Get through my fears

I'm stuck between two worlds

Life and Death

Which one will I choose?

I need something to set me free


Away from all this chains that's holding me back from all this happiness

I admit that I never did like people

I sit in the corner alone

No one notices me

And I'm happy about it... or so I thought

Tears always fall

And I can't do anything about it

I'm all alone

No one understands me

And I know that no one ever will

Some people are happy just the way they are

They're happy but they don't know

That everyone around them has masks to cover their face

And my friends... Do I really think they're what you call 'true'?

I have no idea if they care about me or not

If they love me or just faking it

They don't know what's going on

And I bet I'll never tell them

Because if I ever did,

I'll probably be dead the next day

So, do you know who I am?

Do you know what my name is?

No, you don't.. and no one will..