The Dead of night.

Night falls like a vale
The air is silent, still and stale
12 hollow chimes the church bells knell
Ringing down to awaken hell.

Creatures of old rising through the earth
Abandoning their graves, in twisted rebirth
Clawing, tearing root and soil
Hissing, seething, in upward recoil.

Looming over empty graves
Flailing in euphoria like newly freed slaves.
Skin is twitching, bodies cold
Bones cracking , forgotten and old.

They take no breath, their hearts don't beat
The midnight stench is sickly sweet.
Feline eyes of ravenous gold
Pierce the air, martyrdom untold

Vulpine Incisors of gleaming white.
Glinting fiercely in moons pale light.
Salivating at the thought of the kill
Stained with blood, deep rouge spill.

Fabled tales of garlic and wood,
Are fictional arsenals that'll do no good.
A crucifix won't aid your plight
No mortal man can win this fight.

Writhing masses join as one
Flocking at the fall of sun.
A crimson tide across the lands
A holocaust by un -dead hands

Taking towns by death and rape
Leaving none, there's no escape
The fall of man is approaching fast
As demons take the land at last