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Anya stood in the middle of them all. Listening to the foreign tongue yet could understand everything. She looked around here and smiled. 'Yes this is going to be a good time' she thought as she looked around at the long and slim faces. The gorgeous beings that they were, they could also be dangerous and sly. Her hooded cloak still on after their fast journey. She knew that there was more of a reason for being here other than that Lady Salvia wanted company.

Someone was moving through the crowd and the others were moving gracefully out of their way. Anya looked at the intruder. They were dressed beautifully, with a flowing gown and a graceful hand holding an elegantly carved maple staff with a green gem glowing from the top. Anya could only assume that this was Ewárna the Queen of the Elves.

"Mé vates comiz lo" Ewárna said directly to Lady Salvia and Anya. Her Voice was like rain falling gently on a leaf. With all of her grace and beauty Anya sat there petrified. She understood but could not move a muscle. Lady Salvia grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet and both Elf-Mage and Mage walked up to the Elvin Queen.

"Asl?," Ewárna beckoned, and they followed obediently. They followed her through an ached tree's root and up marble stairs to a stream that went through a tree's trunk and they sat down. No one was around to be seen and there was something about this place that made Anya feel safer and that some magic source was protecting it.

"Now that we are in private we can speak in Common," Ewárna's voice was still smooth and clear but the music was gone. "Tell me Lady Salvia, how is your father doing?" She addressed.

"Quite fine thank you." Lady Salvia was replying. Her face was paler than usual and Anya was about to ask her if she was ok when she heard a voice in her head that was strong and powerful.

"Hello Anya." It was a terrible voice with a piercing stare, yet no one could be seen looking at her. "Do not be afraid I am in front of you." Anya looked at the Queen and saw that her eyes were looking at me yet her face was turned toward Lady Salvia, listening to her. Anya shifted in her spot. Her thoughts not showing on her face yet cold sweat trickled down the back of her neck. Soon Ewárna turned to Anya and turned her full attention on her.

"So tell me, Anya, how did you come to be found by our good Archmage?" Her voice was pleasant but somehow there was bitterness there. Her eyes and face gave nothing away. 'She seemed to be mad that I lived. Why?' Anya pondered over this but could make not head or tail of it.

"The story is long." She blushed as she spoke. No one had ever asked her what her story had been when L'arvan found her, and she was not sure that she wanted to tell it to this elfin stranger. "However, I will tell it to please you." Anya began to recite her story to the Elvin Queen.


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