Loneliness - August 17, 2003

I judged him, and I couldn't control myself
I never gave him my all during sex
But at his expense I indulged myself.

When he comes home he'd just better have my money
I'm too weak to say I love him
Or to call him my honey bunny

He can't express himself, he's always met with naggage
Screams and shouts, my needed cure for emotional baggage

I'm too stupid to go and find myself something to do
I've been waiting so long I already have on my shoes

It's the same, "Let's go I can't be in this house anymore" song
Even the people in the street know that the woman is never wrong

He's so dumb I bet I can trick him into saying anything
I'll just fool him into thinking I'll be his plenty thing

He is always dishonest, he can never be open
I get mad every time he says, "The train got caught in Hoboken"

Peanut butter and jelly and
Mac N Cheese and
Haagen Dazs and
Apple Jacks and
Coffee and
Pizza and
Are not enough to fill the void
And can't bring back the nice hugs

And he knows that it's all his fault.