Not Exactly An Atheist - August 22, 2003

There's a place for fighters of idleness
What they don't understand and fail to see
Lust leads to violence
Idle hands, where the demons feed

People will tell you that when the spirit is ignored
You will always feel lifeless as you head out the door

Brain-eating zombies riding on their high horse
Until the entire race has completely died off

Drugs and the latest fashions provide a spiritual tease
There are people who can do it without scraping their knees

Better bread and water while you're safe
Then cakes and wine while being raped

This is the game that brought atheists to fame
They have no remorse, and no goodness to claim

Rituals to appease the deities of momentary living
They feed chemicals to your wife and lust over your children

Some people prefer not to follow organized religion
But they lay by the rules and awake with conviction

When told "I'm unlucky, does God really exist"
I say, "He's not a person but our own goodness
God brings hell to those who cheat and destroy
And heaven when they work hard and live for joy."