Thoughts on Love and Thoughts on Dreams

By Kokeshi088

If We Try Hard Enough, Do Dreams Really Come True? Or are our dreams destined to just be

A mess of shattered mirrors,

Shattered into a million shards?

Dreams, reflecting our soul, and truest desires…

Or are they there just to get on our nerves?

Author's note: Don't ask. And this is all true, about ME. This is how I feel, blah, blah, blah, you know, maybe I'll be 56, and THEN I'll find him, and he'll be… what, 18? That's sad, and my romantic thoughts are hopeless, sheesh, at least read them, first! I still personally think my wishes are hopeless…

Uh, well, are they? Are they hopeless at all?

Or is 14 years too young an age for some girl thinking about this kind of stuff…?

I dream for a man, no, a lover,

Somebody who will love me,

No matter what.

Waiting silently for him,

I withdraw into the night,

Wishing, wanting,

Do dreams really come true?

I want somebody to love,

I need a shoulder to cry on,

I want somebody to understand me.

I want somebody,

Who wants to know who,

Yes, who,

I am.

Inside this twisted world,

With all its cruel pain,

I want somebody who

Will grant me all my dreams.

My true desires,

Reflected under the full moon's light,

I lay asleep dreaming away,

Dreaming away my true desires!

Dreaming for a lover,

Who loves me for me!

And not just me,

But my world,

Just what makes me so darn complicated?

I guess its love,

A yearning for a truer life,

Amidst all these stupid lies,

And amongst these stupid boys,

When will you come to me?

When will you notice me?

When will you understand?

I need somebody I could love,

Somebody, whom I could trust,

Somebody who doesn't

Just exist in my dreams.

I don't get it.


I'm just plain crazy,

Wishing for the impossible to come true.


I'm nothing more,

Than a little dreaming girl,

Wishing for more.

I know that I am strong!

And even if it takes twenty years,

I'll still hope for my love!

Is that wish so futile,

That every time I make it,

It will never happen?

I want,

A wonderful man,

As long as he'll love me,

I guess I'm there, too…

I want some man,

And not just some boy

Who'll woo me with his cute looks.

When I want sincerity.

I want some man,

And not fake,

A fake who hides from me,

When I want somebody true to me!

No matter what I do,

No matter how much I wish,

I will never find that certain someone

Who lives in my dreams.

A special someone…

What if I never feel love?

What if that someone isn't there?

And what if he,

And this is possible,

What if he will never be there?

For me?

No matter what I want,

No matter what they say,

I know he's out there wishing for me,


It's kind of stupid to think that.

Stop right there,

I just am still wishing,

Don't crush my dreams,

Let them live,

At least until I stop being stupid,

And shatter them once and for all.

Because, I swear,

They'll never become real.

I sit in a puddle,

Watching the water,

And the rippling desires inside of me,

I watch

As they ripple away.

I sit,

Calmly waiting,

For those desires to return to me.

But ripples never return.

And dreams don't come true,


Do they?

These are my innermost, and most important thoughts and feelings, in my dreams, I always have someone. He's always there, I guess. He's always there in my dreams.

In my dreams…. Darn, I need help, but, at least I can be pretty sure that a lotta other girls my age feel the same way, right? Right? Okay, who cares? Just review. I need reviews… I just want to see…. THAT I'M NOT ALONE IN THIS UNFAIR GOD FORSAKEN WORLD!