I stand here at the edge,
Half existent, half a dream,
Thriving in a distortion that loves me,
But through all the chaos building around me it seems,
Inside I feel so strong.

I look back on the footprints,
Fading in the sand,
I trace along the scars,
On my face, my heart, my hand.

Nothing lives in nonexistence,
No dream survives reality,
I'm straddling the delicate line,
Between true life and fantasy.

My body within the darkness,
My mind within the light,
My soul flies free, unbound by these chains,
And someday, I, too, might.

Glancing behind I close my eyes,
It does not matter what brought me here,
I cannot see any true purpose,
On dwelling on past weakness and fear.

Overpowered, but stronger, and hurt, but smiling,
I stand with nothing to lose-
Somewhere inside the misfortune looms,
My greatest fear is the truth.
I just might be crazy,
Or in the wrong world,
But at least I'm not like you.