Sick and Twisted

Why is it that when you ask me, I can't tell you?
It would be so simple and hard to do
I would reveal who I am
But what am I?
I don't even know
So now you ask me to tell you
Can I tell you that I'm so sick and twisted inside?
That one glance will change your sight of me
I'm ugly, dark and unforgivable
Do you really want to know that?
Every time I look in the mirror
I see myself
This monstrous thing that I want to protect you from
I know if I let you see, you'll go, like they all went
There is a part of me that wants to deny all this
That so much wants to be the gallant protector
Instead of something that you need to be protected from
I have to remain listless and unbroken
There must be this will to not let all of me spill out poisoning you
You want to know the reason why I don't answer?
I gave it to you