Heavier Emotions

I let it go
I admitted it
So now I'm here
Knowing that all those moments were a lie
I don't know when.
When I started looking at you differently
You were one of my best buddies
And we could say anything to each other
There was no free or apprehension
Our friendship was one of the few precious things to me
Then we started drifting slowly away
You disappeared from my view
There might've been occasional greetings
Something cordial that replaced everything
I realized something changed in me
That I knew I missed you
But why is it when we see each other
That a few simple words
Can make me feel like I'm walking in the air
It is almost as if happiness grabbed me
I started to feel differently
Maybe it was your friendship I lost
But I unwittingly gained heavier emotions
I started looking forward to our brushes with each other
Every point of my happiness seemed to focus on you
And then you smashed me down
It wasn't your fault.I know because you never knew
We were far apart already
And maybe it was my high feelings that kept me
Before you found someone without letting me know