Oh Crap

I hated you
I thought you were an ass
But why is it that when you shut up
You seem like someone I could be with
Forget these thoughts.I don't want them
But they plague me
You match me word for word
Thought for thought
We get on each other and fight every chance we get
Our friends try to get us to break apart
They don't know our twisted relationship
Friendship plus all that hatred in between
But I don't know what I would do without you
I don't care what I say to you
And you don't either
We bullshit each other everyday
Call each other on the cell to shout
Spend every waking moment arguing over something trivial
You insult my relationships
I insult yours
Everything becomes a target with you
But why do I suddenly want to do something else besides kill you?
How come I feel like I care for you?
Like I could love you