It was another lonely night. I stood on the balcony wearing my green night gown, looking at the night sky, trying to find a start that represented me. "Starry starry night, wish you were here tonight." I murmured softly. I tried to clear off my mind and put all my problems in the 'recycle bin'. All I wanted was to enjoy this very moment, a moment of fantasy. I close my eyes and fell the soft wind stroked my face. My long black seaweed hair danced in the wind, so lively. I felt that nothing matters anymore, nothing. Slowly, I drifted into a dream, a trap and also a world that I created for myself.

I felt the cold, moist grass beneath my bare feet; saw the shimmering inverted image of the sunset in the river and breathed the fresh air mixture with the smell of the water and the grass. Everything seemed so perfect. Slowly, I looked around, and there was you, standing on the bridge starring at the river. I started to run toward you. The wind blew on my face and howling into my ears. However, instead of getting closer to you, you were further and further away. At last, you disappeared. I couldn't see you anymore. I stopped and looked around but there was no sign of you.

Suddenly, everything changed. I was no longer standing in the nature anymore, instead,I was standing in front of and old beautiful mansion wearing a white dress, just like the one in the movie of "Cinderella". Laughters and musics drifted into my , I stared to walk toward the mansion. To my astonishment, the place was like a palace. I felt that I had traveled back in time into the 16th Century when people loved dancing. Men and Women were dancing in front of me wearing tuxedoes and fancy dresses. I realized that it was a ball. There was you again, the star of the night and surrounded by pretty girls. You danced with one girl after the other. Your charming smiled attracted every single girl.

I stood at the corner and starred at the floor. I thought that I could drive you out of my mind as long as looking at somewhere else but I was wrong. I blinked and saw there was a pair of feet standing in front of me. I raised my head and saw you standing in front of me. you held out your right hand and asked me to a dance. I knew I should say 'No'. I knew I should leave this place as fast as possible. However, I said 'Yes', your sixteenth partner of the night. You put your arm around my waist and pulled me into he dance floor. I was never a good dancer; probably, I never knew how to dance but that night was different. We swung with the music. Your faced seemed so blurry but I could still feel your tenderness. Time flew by so quickly. The song ended.

I thought you would leave me when the song ended but you didn't. You walked me to the balcony and held me in your armed. I could feel your warmth. We stood there quietly. You turned me toward you and gazed into my eyes. " I'll be in your dreams, always. I love you." You whispered into my ears with your deep voice. You lowered you head and kissed me on my lips gently and tenderly. I closed my eyes. One tear rolled along my cheek. I opened my eyes and I was all alone again, standing on the balcony, looking at the lovely night sky, thinking about you, miss you, no more beautiful sunset, no more fancy ball, no more kisses... Your words were revolving around my ears. I smirked bitterly. It was only a dream, nothing else, I thought. I took a deep breath and wiped my cheeks. Sigh...

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