Legs too long to sit

Hair too short to shed

Teeth that are rotting right out of your head

You smell like dead fish

Your fur's getting gray

We will never have to train you to "stay"

Flat on your pillow's

Where you can be found

Except when you're playing and jumping around

Some days we can't tell

If you're living or dead

Your tiny brain rattles around in your head

Some of those thoughts

Are occasionally heard

When "Daddy" talks for you like Mortimer Snerd

You're cute when you're dumb

And another odd thing:

Whenever I play the piano, you sing

You're as big as a horse

You resemble a deer

We could tie antlers on top of your ears

You're always so happy

You never will bite

We hear your claws click in the kitchen at night

I miss you so much

And the strange things you do

But no matter what, Clancy, I'll always love you!