Crumbling Foundations

Skeletonal foundations laid upon the ground,
Lost in the sheets of flowering frills and white shrubbery.
Chain bonded against oxidized components,
As rust bleeds from flaking surfaces.

Suffering sounds of age rake through the night,
As time again wears down the willpower to survive.
Silence echoes around the crumbling walls,
Bringing the sounds of harsh reality in laboured breaths.

Limbs tortured into obedience by restricting poles
As its soul painfully remains entrapped in its mind.
Sinewy vines hold its compromising position in place,
As the violations of the elements continues restlessly.

The metal awnings hanging from high above,
Moan in weakened feeble protest of suppressed rage.
The supporting beams threaten to sag,
And cave in with each unnecessary intrusion.

Smoldering in the ruins of forced submission,
Are pride and honour that have long since eroded away.

Hold it dear, and commit it to memory,
For it groans with the weight of burdens too many.
And same time, next year, it might be gone completely,
Too broken to salvage from its own debris.

Written: 12.08.03 -13.08.03

A/N: I apologize for that piece ofhorrid poetry. It had more undertones than I originally planned so whether they are sexual or non-sexual, it isopen for interpretation, and room for improvement.

- ® Pris Yeo ® -