She may have gone home, but her impact stays. That little wench, how dare she steals my kingdom away from me. How dare she upsets the order. I would live forever and my peasants would stay below me. When she went back out the other end of the looking glass; she probably didn't even realize the consequences. As soon as she left, the servants of my kingdom realized that maybe Alice was right; the queen does cheat. Well, they couldn't be more wrong. Even though they were below me, they were all I had. Now I am stuck living in this cave, talking to my diary. It's a sad existance for some one who should live high above the land.

I will get my revenge on those wonderland losers; they will all be mine one of these days. They won't even be alive to see my destruction and final take over of the thrown.

*A single tear came to my eye*

Who am I kidding; I'm not strong enough to over throw them all. I'm weak. I'm insignificant. I have no one, I'm all-alone. Why even go on and rebel, what would be the point. All my strength is gone; my beautiful power was taken from me. I'll just stay in my cave and occasional look out to see if wonderland is yet destroyed.

The queen is NEVER weak; she will always shine.

They will pay. I will make them pay for making me feel this way. I will make them pay for making FEEL PERIOD. I am powerful, I am significant... I will rule over wonderland once more. You will see the rise of the queen of heart, and you will be terrified. I will kill everyone you will see.


After that is done, backwards through the looking glass I will go, and Alice will see what she has done to me. Alice will get the ultimate beheading. By yours truly.

I will get my powers back eventually, and when I do ALICE WILL PAY!

That's it I'm done writing, off to kill the wonderland fairies AND RULE... so determined, soo strong so much anger and hate running through my veins... I LIKE IT... now... what should be the last words of a determined, hateful queen... oh yes...


A/N* NO I am not critizing Walt Disney with this piece. I just truly believe that the Queen was misunderstood. And well you know what happens when the queen gets mad! There may or may not be a second chapter, more then likely I will try to make it! Hopefully you enjoyed. Please R&R