I stared at the portrait blankly as it crashed onto the floor, littering it with broken glass. I continued staring at the portrait of my mother, unwilling to believe that she was really gone. I can still remember her pleasant smell, her angelic, calm and soothing voice that would greet me every morning, her soft palm that had held my hand and that had helped me avoid torture. I miss her. I miss our meetings, which would always begin with her presenting me with a new book that I could relate to only too well and our little talks of our future together, as mother and son, away from the wrath of the beast. But that was not to be. She had gone, leaving me alone with the treacherous animal.

I slid off the filthy bed and knelt upon the broken glass, laying my head by her portrait as the broken glass pierced through my cheeks and knees. I could feel my blood trickle from my wounds, but I felt no pain. I placed my palm longingly over her portrait willing for her to return but I knew she never would. The beast had gotten rid of her, which usually meant that she had gone for good. The cause of her disappearance remains unknown to me even though I knew that it had something to do with him, the one I loathe the most, the beast. He was the one who had kept me isolated ever since he had helped my mother bring me into this world. He was and still is ashamed of my physical appearance. My body is unlike any other. My arms are two times the length of my legs, which results in me moving around like an ape. He and my mother treat me differently. He would inflict pain and reopen wounds on my body and feed me little and distasteful food, while my mother, my dear mother would feed me with food that would give me joy and hug me and hold on to me in a very soft manner which was a trademark of hers.

Thinking about her only made me long for her. I ran my fingers up and down her portrait lovingly as tears streamed down my cheeks saturating the blood that had been from the wounds created by the broken glass. I pulled the portrait closer to my face and let my crimson tears flow onto it.

"Mother, where are you?" I sobbed softly in pain. The pain was different from what I have experienced. It was worse. The pain was unbearable. It was like having a black hole inside of me eating what was left of a fragmented heart, broken and shattered and torn apart. There was nothing more painful than being left alone without the only person you ever knew that cared. I finally let go of the portrait only to grab a huge jagged piece of glass. This life was unbearable. This life had to end. The sensation of the glass searing through my wrists was welcoming. I could meet mother if I died. We could be together, far away from him. A small surge of happiness crept into me as I thought of meeting mother.

I had been on the floor for hours but death still refused to take me. The joy that was in me had soon ran away. I began cowering into a small ball, rocking back and forth and cried, wishing that I would be able to leave.

"What are you doing?" A harsh, unpleasant voice trespassed into the tiny room.

Looking up, I saw the dreadful beast, looking down at me with his hawk like eyes. I pushed myself onto my feet slowly as I returned an unpleasant look to him. Somehow, looking at him had changed my depression into wild vengeful anger. He had made mother disappear. He had taken away the only person I knew. He doesn't deserve to be here. He deserves to be damned in hell. He deserves to die.

I stood in the middle of living room, resting on my hands as I surveyed the dangerous wreckage around me. I had no memory of what I had done a few seconds before, but I knew I had launched my distorted self at him and had caused this wreckage in my attempt to find him. I began throwing broken chairs and aside as I began looking for him. Coward. He had hidden but I know that he cannot hide for long. As I thrashed about in frustration, he appeared from behind the wreckage, with a weapon that I have seen once too many times. He began muttering something as he pointed the gun at me with a distorted smile emerging from his lips, but I became deaf for a moment and ignored his words and began charging at him. I wouldn't care if I had been shot. I wouldn't care if I died. Mother was dead, gone, and the only way to return to her was to die. With little accuracy, did he begin shooting but none of the bullets had even brushed me. I tore the weapon out of his sinful hands and threw it aside and decided on instant death as I wrapped my palms round his filthy neck. He tried to wriggle away as he ran out of air, but I did not care. I wanted him to die. I wanted revenge.

I had not plan to stop my killing, but only did I begin hearing a sweet voice that was all too familiar, did I let go of the beast, who instantly placed his palm around his own neck. I turned around with hope suddenly rushing back into me. A familiar figure stood by the wrecked doorway, which made a rare smile creep onto my ugly face.

"Mother!" I cried joyfully as my mother walked cautiously into the wrecked house. Mother was not dead after all. She had not gone without me. She was back! I began galloping excitedly towards her as my mind began filling with joy. I did not have to leave the earth to meet her. Our dream could come true in life. More thoughts happy thoughts filled my head as I rushed to embrace her, but somehow, out embrace had not been meant for enjoyment.

As I ran for her outstretched arms, my leg got caught in a small, broken sofa frame, which made me fall forwards onto a broken wooden chair leg that was as sharp as a spike. The leg pierced right through me. Mother rushed to me and began carrying me in her arms, muttering incoherently as her tears fell onto me. Ignoring the unimaginable pain, I held my last breath and began muttering three words that somehow were an understatement.

"I missed you." And with that I let my head fall upon her quivering hands, knowing that all of our dreams were truly crushed.

- -

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