Reverberating round the hollow
walls of my head as I ponder
what I actually said that made you
launch into the cycle of
distancing yourself away from me
again but I don't seem to
understand why this is
happening and the discomfort is
surrounding me like a thick
blanket of lies crafted
ingeniously by you to
run away from me
and leave me bare for the world to
see the gaping wounds that
hurt so much that I wasn't able to
stand and feel my heart
pulsating inside of me
beating its wings to try and break
free from the awful density of the
icy situation I have found myself
locked tightly in.

Written: 06.07.03

A/N: I don't know what to say about this. I wasjust trying out a new style which came on impulse.

- ® Pris Yeo ® -