Stalled for Life

While driving to New York on a business trip down interstate eighty in my new Rolls Royce it started to rain. My car stalled suddenly and came to a stop in the middle of the road, if the rain caused my car to stall, I am unsure; all I could see the thick waterfall of rain was a very dim pair of headlights a few miles down the interstate coming my way on the lake like interstate. The first thing I noticed when the car was within a viewable
range in the rain was the words "EVILOVE" on the license plate. At that
moment I could see the darkness of my ex-wives own Rolls Royce; her car reminded me of being sealed in a coffin alive because her cruel heart made
the car seem even darker. It was at this moment that I began to try restarting my car only seeing the headlights of my ex-wives car grow brighter as I could now hear her engine, but the lights grew bright so fast that all I can remember was the strength
of the impact as my car began to spin around forming a barricade in the
center of the road. When I finally came back to my sense of what just happened I looked around seeing the wreck, which was my ex-wives front end and I could see the can which had become my back end. I could hear my ex
trying to restart her wrecked car as I watched steam rising from the
engines heat and water mixture. By this time I could hear the blare of air horns up the road, but when I saw what was coming I just laughed from the irony of what was happening. The trucker hit his breaks but it didn't matter; even if I had tried to get out of the car I wouldn't have gotten far enough away to avoid anything as I watched the truck careen into my car so hard that it slammed into my ex's
car making her skid backwards. My car rolled but I wasn't in it anymore, I was laying on the road coughing up blood and remembering the cold gravel as I tried to laugh but choked on my own blood; I could barely see what happened when my ex staggered over
and grabbed my wallet. All I remember is pain, I didn't see a bright light, I didn't see my past for proof that I was alive, I only saw the rain and blood that blinded me
as I died painfully in the middle of interstate eighty.