Breaking Free

Shunning the taboo that is self harm,
Running from the ritual of self-induced ecstasy.
Away from the continuous cycle of
Metal against skin, skin against metal.

No, I am not a traitor,
I did not betray myself,
When I replaced what I hated,
With what I wanted.
I've found a new way of expressing,
Instead of conforming to the basis.
Loosening the bonds that had held me fast,
Releasing the yoke upon my neck.
Coming out of the hollow shell
Of paincausedbypaincausedbypain,
In my soul.

Never give in to the addictions, but,
Rather close your eyes and look
Into the mirror, not to find
A ghost of your former self.

But like me, breaking away,
From society's eyes to
Look into my own.
Clear and without compromise.

Written : 06.08.03
A/N: Uh, breaking free from self harm?Take it whichever way you may please. I sound as if I mean it, but some of you probably know better.

- ® Pris Yeo ® -