"If I needed someone to control me
If I needed someone to hold me down
I would change my direction
And save myself before I
If I needed someone to control me
If I needed someone to push me around
I would change my direction
And save myself before I drown...drown

What would you do if everyday you were being controlled by the person you were dating? I, Liz Hartm, could relate to that. This is the story of how two guys changed my life and how I never really found love.

I walked into school a fine, sunny day in March with my best friends Kenny and Mike. Kenny was your normal jock, a football player with an ego bigger than his head. His black hair was always spiked and his blue eyes could make any girl melt. Mike was the silent nerd who played millions of games, but he wasn't ugly or dorky like people stereotype nerds. Actually he was extremely hot and all the girls loved him for his looks, they just couldn't take his obsession of games. His tan muscular stomach was what got the girls; his blonde hair and green eyes were just a bonus. I, on the other hand, had long brown hair and gray eyes, which guys at my school drooled over. There was only one problem: I had a boyfriend.

"Hey babe." Jeremy called walking up to me and pecked me on the cheek.

"Hey hun." I smiled and held his hand as we walked into the school.

"Hey Lizzie, can you hook me up with one of your hot friends before school ends?" Kenny asked checking out all of the girls as they passed. I rolled my eyes.

"Don't you already get enough girls as it is? You don't need one of my friends." I told him resting my head against Jeremy's shoulder.

"But your friends are hot!" He whined.

"Don't complain to me, it's your problem."

"Please Liz."

"I'm not doing it Ken. I don't need any of my friends having their heartbroken."

"You're no fun!"

"You're just a player." I stated.

"A football player!" He corrected.

"Shut up ego boy." Jeremy glared. I smiled and hugged his arm.

"Please Lizzie?" He tried again.

"What the hell boy?! I said no, or is that too hard for you to comprehend?" I snapped.

"Fine." He gave in and looked around the school for his next victim. Finally he smirked, meaning he found her. "Teri looks good."

"Feller?" Mike asked.

"Mhmm . . ." Kenny confirmed and walked over to her standing by her locker.

"I don't want to see this." I told them and they nodded in agreement.

"Come on babe, let's get to class." Jeremy stated sort of pushing me along.

"I can walk myself you know." I told him.

"Oh, sorry babe. I know you can, I just want to get to class so I don't have to deal with those guys staring at you again."

I looked at him sadly.

"But you know I don't like them." I stated.

"I know."

"Then why's it such a big deal? I'm not going to cheat on you, I already told you that when we first started going out."

"I know, and you've kept your word."

"Yes, and I would like if you trusted me."

"I do babe, I do."


"But I don't trust myself or them, that's all."

"You have nothing to worry about. I'm not like your other girlfriends."

"I know." Jeremy replied hugging me closer.

And then it happened. There he was, leaning up against his locker, staring at me with his light brown eyes. I swallowed hard and looked away. I didn't even know his name but I had seen him around before. He was in my Lunch period but we never talked. Well, not until today.

"Hey Liz." He called out. Hold up. He knew my name? I looked up to find him grinning at me. I felt Jeremy's grip around my waist get tighter. "It's me, Brett; I'm in your Lunch."

"Yeah, I recognize you."

"Babe, let's go." Jeremy ordered pushing me forward.

"Bye!" I called out.

"See ya later." He answered.

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