Summer hues

Have you seen the meadows dance?
In shades of pastel blues
The stream that cuts the field in half
The water wren that coos

Did you see the corn field sway?
As the wind passed by
A sea of golden dancing
Beneath the summer sky

Did you hear the river call?
For rain to come again
Tiny droplets of blissful quench
To melt away the pain

Did you see the lovers kiss?
Under sunsets hue
Sharing a perfect moment
As if it came on cue

Have you been to the forest edge?
Seen the deer at play?
Playing tag and deer like games
To pass the day away

Have you smelt the summer breeze?
That reminds you of your youth
Times you swung from old oak trees
And came crashing through the roof

Why can't summer last forever?
A never ending season
Where passion can be everlasting
Where love needs no reason

Will you see the summer end?
As our love does die
Broken promises can't ever mend
Beneath a winter sky.

W/N: okay I don't know why I posted it, I really dislike something I
wrote in like 10 mins please give your honest opinion. .