W/N: this is a poem or more just a short verse for my Nanna. She died
recently, at the time I couldn't put into words what she meant to
doesn't come close, this Is just a note to let her know I care and to say
thank you for all she did for like hers exceeds death and this way
something from me can live on so even if she didn't know how much I loved
her, everyone who reads this will.

For Nanna..


So when did the sands of time stop swirling?
When did your time run out?
There was no warning sign, no siren.
The earth never stopped spinning.
The skies didn't blacken. The sun didn't fail.
You were here and now you're gone.
So much left unsaid.
Things I wanted to tell you haunt my mind.
Linger in waiting.

Everything reminds me of you,
The scent of the rose that blooms in your garden,
Your apron
Your worn slippers.
The chair you sat in now lays bare
The words of wisdom you spoke to me
Will be locked in my heart eternally

This isn't goodbye
This is until I see you again
This isn't farewell
It's thank you.
Thank you for shaping me
Guiding me
Always believing in me.
When no one else had time,
When no one else cared

Although things may change.
The rose in your garden will wilt
Your slippers
Your apron
Will be gone
Your chair filled
My love
My memories of you will never fade.
Time can't weather my heart.
It can only stop it.

Love Chris.