Fate: Out to get us?

Fate is said to deal out people's lives, sometimes good and sometimes bad. It's said that if you are in dealt the bad then the good is bound to follow. If everything is fate then why must it be so cruel to certain people, and yet leave others happy? Is fate a game of poker that's all luck of the draw, or are the cards preset for each individual person?
If everything is fate then where's the interest in life? Do we have control of was Shakespeare correct when he said and I quote:
"All the world is a stage
And all the men and woman mearly players.
They have their exits and their entrences,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages."?
Or am I correct in saying that the world is a chessboard and we are merely the pawns, moved to the next square to be offence of defense. All moves will eventually lead to a checkmate; but sometimes there is the chance that neither will win due to stalemate.
Fate does not choose its friends, it does not choose its enemies; it plays with the heart and soul like marbles, flicking them into one another. Each time harder then before until it's time for a break, which means you get something good in the hand of sadness and pain. Everyone at some point hates fate if they believe in it, I can honestly admit that I despise fate and wish that the good side of it would make its grand appearance.
Fate, I am told only deals out so much until something great comes from it. If this is true, I cannot say; because everyone's fate is different. Our lives are not set in stone and we can change our own fate; but are we really changing it or is that fate too? This may just all be my view of fate, as I said; everyone's fate is different.
I mean for all I know maybe my writing this is also in my fate; or maybe this is part of a bigger master plan. I can't say that fate has dealt me the best cards, if that's how it works; but I do know that I want to live my own live from now on. I'm tired of living my life shunning myself and allowing this so called fate to win.
Is fate real or is it just another belief that dwells in peoples minds? Everybody has their own views on how life works. Is fate really to blame or is it just a word we created to become a new belief? I do believe in fate, but I am tired of allowing myself to blame fate for most or ALL of my problems.
Is fate the answer to why people are strong, weak, depressed, in love; or are the feelings ours alone? If everything we've ever done is due to fate then why haven't scientists tried to understand it, as opposed to believing formulas and equations? Fate is not an equation, but it may in fact be the formula that scientists are seeking; the key to life. Then again this is just my opinion of fate, I'm not one to say what fate is or is not.
All of us have an opinion of fate, but none of us can say that we're correct; we don't know if we are. For all we know, this so called fate doesn't even exist and we all just believe it does. This is one of many possibilities, we can't claim we're right or wrong because there's no proof that we are or are not. Even if fate doesn't exist the generations of people, our offspring; will be raised to believe that it does.

Tracer Stevens