Life's Labels

Schizophrenia, insomnia, dementia, all labels to give jobs to those we call psychiatrists; everything has a name to categorize. If anyone has a problem of any sort, a label is given, some name from a book; and in this book everything's definition is a faulty jumble of words to confuse us.
Do we really have problems, or is this the so called "evolution" process? People are different weather it be in personality or tastes; we all have our own opinions too. If everyone was the same, then existence would be rather boring. All we do is live day by day working to get to tomorrow, we all do this.
You call us "pathological liars" or "mentally challenged," more labels among millions. You perform "psychological evaluations" to say that the answers we give show signs of "manic depression and paranoia." You label us when you are the obsessed ones, those who examine too far into the issue. You only use these words for an excuse to dope us up.
We're drugged to addiction because you create words, which you call problems. You claim we're addicted because the morphine and valium are having "no effect." We aren't drones for your amusement; and yet you destroy innocent lives as if we were books in the Kristallnacht parade. We're not labels or toys; we're living, breathing people.

Tracer Stevens