~* A Fae(rie) Farewell *~

Atop a craggy rock by the light of the moon so pale
There sits a fae alone amidst the wooded dale
Her titian hair ablaze and in the moonlight floating free
Escaping from her braids as she looks out to the lea.

The maiden fair, unsmiling now
As sorrow rests upon her brow
Where once that glad beam dimpled her cheek
As she met love at the babbling creek.

Hands met hands and joined as one
They laughed and loved, of cares they had none
A stunning pair the two fae made
Her with eyes of aquamarine, and his of deepest jade
His locks like the darkest raven's wing
Who knew of the sadness that time would bring?

One cold autumn night, winter at its tail,
The air hung stiflingly, so still and so stale
Then battle cries amid the vale of green
Sounded long and loud from foes 'til now unseen.

Surprised they were, unused to battle
And so the tribe was slaughtered like cattle
Among them, Caladon, our heroine's true love
As she awaited him and wished on the stars above.

Vile green beings left bones picked clean
And took any treasures that they had seen
So when she came to find her lover dear
The horror at the gruesome scene was on her face, and fear
Alone she wept, and alone on her knees
Shattering the silent air with her tortured pleas.

And now again is our faerie alone
As she lifts to her lips an instrument of bone
A haunting melody from the fae-flute she grasps
As to her breast the memories she clasps.

And sings, "Fare thee well, o one I loved and lost,
May blessings accompany you thru the great divide you cross't."
And to the breeze so absent on the night her hero died
Showers of rose petals for the ones from whom each life was pried.