A/N: Weird. But nice. If you like my poetry, look at "In Praise of the Earth.' I'll also be adding a large poem called 'Song of the System" soon, about each planet in our home system.

the blue of my dancing, the gray of my eyes

whirls together in mindless meaning

the storms outside continue to patter the looking glasses

while you and i are captive inside

the green of my dress, the brown of my feet

continue to become a rhythm with mindless meanings

the weaving of my hands and feet

keeps you captive in i

the red of my heart, the gold of my blood

i cannot begin to even understand

the cycling laugh of body and heart

it is all captive in i

the cream of my hands, the pink of my lips

it all begins to be understood

the mindless meanings begin to unwind, rewind

keeping me captive in you

the yellow of my girdle, the silvery sheen of my hair

it continues to whirl in time with the world

the confusion is lost, then gained back

keeping me captive in me

the black of my doom, the obsidian of night

the storms have beaten themselves all out

the cycle begins again the mindless meanings confused and jumbled

keeping us all captive in you.