Summer Dayz

With one week till school started, the summer air was still dry and oven like. Everyday was the same old thing, unless I hung out with Cherri. Basically, I would wake up, watch TV until the kid shows came on, eat breakfast, shower, read the new Harry Potter book, and work on my room which I am still in the possess of cleaning out. About once a week I would go swimming at the club down town.

I wasn't looking forward to school starting up. It was my eight grade year, which meant my last year of middle school. I didn't have any goals for this year except making it into the fall musical. I had been turned down for the past two years and it wasn't going to happen this year. Plus I'm on good terms with the director of the show. I didn't care if I wasn't the star, I just wanted to be in the chorus.

The new look in stores this year? Punk, and man did it suck. I was a skater chic even though my fave color was hot pink. That's the color I always painted my nails and toenails. Everyone would be like "Shannon, you so don't look like the pink person". I was sick of it.