Fame in the Eighth Grade

OK, that was the wackiest first concert, but the band didn't stop there. After that, a bunch of popular people (the rich ones) asked us to play at their parties. Of course we charged them money. Just enough for Kevin to by a new drum set that had our band name on it. Oh yeah, we had to change our name since Cherri and I joined the band. So instead of KARM it's called CKARMS. Yep, it's still pronounced the same except with a 's' on the end.

We kept playing at parties until we got a gig at our counties summer arts festival in our senior year of high school. A talent scout spotted us so after high school we moved to Los Angeles, California were we signed a six year contract that would give us five albums. We stopped singing Good Charlotte songs and started writing our own songs. Highlights finally came back in style and Cherri and I got red ones. I cant believe it, for a girl with no goals in life, I never thought I would be doing this.

What ever happened to Megan Harkins you ask, well she did ask Aaron to the dance, but he turned her down. After that she made such a big deal about it that she was kicked out of the musical. Guess who was asked to replace her? Yep, I was. Rockower is such a jerk. I didn't put that rotten food in his desk for nothing, I wasn't just going to join the play.

Well, I don't mean to brag but CKARMS has come a long way. We all ready have to CD's out. Our first one titled 'Stupid Musical' sold 3 billion copies thanks to Good Charlotte. Yeah, that was the best we went on tour with them for a year. Benj's hair rocks! That's what Ricks hair looks like now. Anyway, our second CD 'Busted' is about Rick breaking his leg. It sort of resembles a message like, "even if no one believes in you, you can still be famous." We have over 20 music videos and our new CD is coming out in eight months!

Get this! We are even coming out with a movie next year! What's the movie about? You just read it!

By the way, my favorite color it still hot pink.