Chapter 9

Mom called that night, taking my temporarily-okay world and spinning it in circles. I wouldn't speak to her still. She made me feel small and worthless. I didn't like to feel that way. "Aeva, honey, I know you're mad at me. . .but, there's not much I can do! If it means anything, I'm going to play Rosie in 'Gypsy' on Broadway."
It didn't mean anything.
"Dad says you've made a friend. That sounds wonderful! What's her name?"
Mom almost tricked me. I almost gushed, "Her name's Kiara Wells and I went over her house for dinner and we had a blast!" But I didn't. Instead, I sighed haughtily, signaling to Mom that I was done listening.
"Well. . .I can't force you to talk. Chow!"
The line went dead. I slammed the phone down onto the receiver so hard that the plastic split and fell to the floor. But I didn't care. I raced into the bathroom, grabbed a razor from my bathroom shelf, and cut myself.