Life is a Labyrinth

A living labyrinth with walls that move,
Is how we spend our years.
We follow paths with twists and turns.
We'll see all our fears.
To take a turn that is not right,
Sometimes cannot be undone.
A wall may move to see our struggle,
To open a path or to close one.
Paths that are light,
Are paths that are right.
To follow a path that leads in the dark,
Is to solemnly travel the woods, on a sinister night.
The living labyrinth that we go through,
Will not have an end 'til our years are done.
So, follow the way your heart wants to go.
Follow the light.
Enjoy every moment.
And then you will know,
You'll surely live a long one.


AN: Okay. I don't know why I hadn't posted this sooner. I'm actually very proud of this one. It being my first official poem. And I like it. So there. :P